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Velocifer Mini MAD Plus (APP-version)

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This Velocifero electric cooter is something out of the ordinary and is designed by the Italian Alessandro Tartarini, which is well known . in the motorcycle world and son of the brand Italjets founder.

This new updated version has a more powerful frame and equipped with bluetooth so you can connect your kick to Velocifero's own. APP.

There is a clear design language throughout the brand where the lines are found in all the products. Including the larger sibling One-X and the smaller one, MAD Air.

-Bacteria: Litium-Ion 480Wh(48V 10Ah)

- Top speed: 20km/h (can be released for higher speeds)

- Räckvidd: 30-41km (OBS! This varies according to driving profile)

-Maxlastvikt: 120 kg

- Weight: approximately 28 kg.

- Notable effect 250w (500w)

-Velocifer APP


- Doorbell.

- Powerful LED front/back lamp

- Dual controls for front and rear disc brake controls

- Brake lights

- Auto cruise control(Automatically activated when you hold full throttle for five seconds)

- Eco-modeFor longer range

- Yeah.Automatic shutdown(Turns itself off when you park)